Can the post office and letter writing have a future?Will the paperback slowly fall into obsucurity?

A while ago i ventured with my munchkins on a grand escape TO THE POST OFFICE.The age old relic of human history heralded with the fame of keeping loved ones  , dreamers,  business and politics in contact for many a lifetime.

Buying a stamp , writing a letter and putting our dream into a little red box – holding great expectations , that from our little nook in the desert this letter would cross inumerous boundaries and arrive to even greater expecations,  in a distant corner of our world.

What does a stamp do i was asked and which REINDEER  will deliver the letter?Has the letter turned into a communication form lost ?Will we be celebrating an ally of antiquity , heralding the paperless digital age ?

E-mails , Blogs , Social networking and and and  have further bridged the digital divide,  but we seem to have lost the romance , dreams are NOW and there is no waiting a week or 6 for my explosion of emotion or drabble on about my journey through the forests , to arrive at the little box of a loved one or colleauge?

QUESTION – DO YOU WRITE LETTERS? When was the last time you peered into the little red box hoping ypour package of hope or deluge of words would cross a boundary to arrive at its ultimate destination?

My personal favourite on a day of searching for inspiration is the  PAPERBACK!How better to spend a morning,  milling through an ocean of colour , desrciptive titles all classified to genre , to inspire the dreamer in all of us!The blank canvas we are handed for a few hours,  to create our new aadventure through the pagers of an an inspired paperback?

E-books , the internet  and open source classics have now taken over the digital divide to break the auro of the paperback and add another relic of  humanity into the deluge of obscurity . No well used hand-me-down’s or inspired monrings mulling through a bookstore?

QUESTION – ARE YOU INSPIRED IN A BOOKSTORE?Will E-Book’s and digital format’s continue the book writing process and continue to inspire the reader?

Give us ur thoughts …..



1.Change to energy efficient lightbulbs

2.Change your energy provider.Clean energy serves all of us.

3.Use recyclable bags

4.Eat less meat.

5.Eat local produce.

6 .Use a programmable thermostat. Keeping warm or cool should be energy conservation too.

7.Use public transport.

8.Turn off small applianes when not in use.

9.Tell your friends – spread the word of sustainability!

10.Recycle – separate waste , recycle valuable resource.





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The world wants to…

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Welcome to the start of a long journey!

The beginning of a new legacy.

BRANDMOVE – a  moving platform to deliver inspiration

  • BRAND [ X ]

A long story always has a beginning and here we go…..  “inspired BRAND  – kept moving”

ONCE UPON A TIME in a land far far away dreamers, aka. Princess Gabi , Lars of Deloxly and The Mighty Ico, took a holiday in the perennial cold of the land of forgotten forests.Between wind and rain and snow , the occasional sparkling of sunlight  ….. they were forced to escape back to the desert  , continued the dream bringing the flight from fantasy to the right to reality.

From humble beginnings we begin our journey here.


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