Define the answer.

Not sure if this is self indulgent drbble or a means to draw the thorn from my thumb …

Sunshine , windy and revelling in the warmth of silence.Sounds bizarre but when I submerge myself in productive thought, seemingly useless but all part of the inner workings of the machine i still yearn to understand.

How to tap into productive consciousness?Subliminal?Inter-galactical?Stepping outside as the cold burns my feet , wonder or misbelief,  at how time suddenly changes and the path we call destiny meets us head on with a new brighter version?The questions always remain and always linger on the whim of the next step ….

How to define the next step? As a closet co##unist , revelling in ideals , is something close yet distant from my reality.Often contemplating an idealist strategy seems utterly bizarre yet profound in the complexities with which our mind can attach such relevance to the utterly irrelavant.I guess thats where the next step must begin?As carbon copies of predecessors ,  we revert to solving all problems , knowing full well,  the folly in the  answer .

So define the answer i guess?Question the answer again and again – thats about as far as i get on the road …

Leaves you more confused than ever.


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