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To infinity and beyond …

On days when aches and pains consume our “get up and go” the easiest ( easier said than done…) solution is to follow the mantra of “get up – get changed and face the ocean”

Trying to work on the internal eb and flow of my own body clock I find Sundays early the most productive.There is fine satisfaction in operating when social norms dictate this should not happen and similarly our bodies look to revolt against the moments when it really cannot operate but is REQUIRED to!

Returning to aches and pains – I am beginning to classify the motions of my new found freedom to my advantage.After all it’s selfishness that must drive the machine …Volunteer , donate , work , work harder , play , play harder are all significant aspects of our human need for self gratification – being selfish or just being me.

Is it possible to turn our acts of selfishness into a positive contribution to all this world has to offer?Absolutely YES!Waking up to face the day with a positive outlook , yearning to contribute in whatever small way is the answer to most aches and pains and we are normally astounded by the shift in attitude ( our own and those around us ) when we take the time to ponder , work a plan to be productive and sip that first morning coffee!

“Keep walking” , “just do it” are my simple mantras encompassing everything we should , could or might be possible of achieving!

Aches and pains happen to us all – acknowledge the moment , knowing that sometimes we need to fool ourselves in positivity!

Encourage others in the same mannner and we find the enthusiasm is infectious!


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