The fight for entitlement

A long road to develop a meaningful democracy always has it’s pitfalls , it’s challenges and it’s odd forays into realms we could never have envisaged, but suddenly find ourselves deeply submerged within.

Politics vs humanity collide at a junction where the best efforts of those in a position to determine the outcome of so many, often clash with real life challenges.

Unfortunately for many the promises of delivery mean a long wait in desperation , in hope that good things will arrive someday!!With a culture of hoping and waiting, the tendency toward complacency results in a culture of entitlement and with it a plethora of social and cultural deficiencies.

Why don’t we empower ? Uplift the moral through marketable skills development , set against access to financial institutions, who can manage the financial needs of individuals whilst we can develop the self respect , pride and culture of empowerment, rather than entitlement.

I see a long hard road , resentment and enduring community dysfunction, if we continue to persist on the ” hand out ” model … Too many empty chairs!!




Trying to define ” twiddling my thumbs” in a positive vain whilst staring transfixed at the sea , the mountain , the sunshine.

In essence movement from somewhere, through nowhere and onto the next phase inevitably incorporates a moment of hanging on and waiting …. Twiddling your thumb!!!



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