ONLY a PICTURE but conjours a thousand images … The flight for freedom




Procrastination and tomorrow are synonymous with the waiting game , which on the other side of the glass half full scenario ,can be classified as “We can become peaceful.We do not have to act in haste.We can wait for clear direction.Clarity will come and it will be good for us and those around us”(unknown) …. does that put all into perspective or merely add a new dimension to tomorrow ?

Personal experiences , from my vantage point , and I guess the synergy with anyone reading this would be the same – moments of silence , waiting , pondering often offer clarity on aspects of our journey that sometimes complicate , but more often than not add colour to our outlook and perspective to our vision.

Glass half full or glass half empty is simply perspective , an avenue we use to justify our current challenges – seen by some as procrastination but always a cog in the evolving human journey to embrace and encourage!

No couch journey ,always tomorrow , just keep walking !!

Inspiration next exit!




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