When one door closes …

  So wine is always drunk with a crisp clear water chaser … Or is it ? 
The analogy of closing a door and opening another has brought me to a Friday afternoon pondering the water chaser and how to hang on to the lingering greatness of an amazing relationship , friendship or partnership – whilst not exiting with the dreaded hangover !

I am certainly not referencing any alcohol induced state but rather holding onto great memories , awesome experiences and moving on in peace , respectfully and with integrity intact .

So chase the experience with water or silence or kind words . Cleanse the soul and open a new page that extends your outward perception of people into a realm that is mutually beneficial . Respect ! 


Oneness of being 

It is NOT the task of Men to become more Masculine

or more Godlike

or for Women

to become more Feminine

or find their Goddess Self.

That is the Old Paradigm.

It is for us all

to awaken Both

inside each and everyone of us.

Not as an androgyne…

a weak distillation of both

but as a deeply strong

deeply powerful

and fiercely lovingly 

fully integrated whole.

It is the inner marriage

of both

that will raise both poles

to greatness

and as we do

our co-dependant structures

inherited from an outwardly dependent world,

simply fall away.

From deep inner connection

we call to us then

a Oneness of Being

that brings a Bliss

and deep love

leading to such compassion…

such deep love…

Pete Wilson

Evolution or revolution 

Starting with sunshine after calling the morning ….


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