Today its clear , no wind and cool …spring officially tomorrow , Venus and Jupiter dancing but all is chaotic.

Cardio has me feeling as though silence is ushering in a new phase ,  or turning point in the journey and I continue reflecting on a factor of 7 to gauge where I am at.The thing is –  in synchronicity we are never at the same phase or point in time as our significant other .Cycles are the unknown entity filled with hope that we find order in the chaos to energize , inspire and be inspired.

Often the sum of all the influences amounts to a sense of overwhelming anxiety , for some insecurity and others the desire to run and hide. Personally I hide and often leave behind a cavern of unanswered questions that I have internalized, overcome ( I believe) and in this process I regain my stature to face what life and the universal plan has to offer. Never dwelling too long  , ultimately finding a positive space to re-create.

Pain in suffering is something I can relate to . I do not verbalize effectively , emotional security is something I have found to be a reflective space to build the emotional intelligence needed to confront and face adversity.

So where do I sit in the spectrum of trust, integrity and respect . My perception versus that of those with whom I share the intimate space the universe offers. Are we a reflection of others perceptions or do we hold our own to acknowledge our weakness and shortcomings to grow and evolve in this space we are allowed to embrace as the universal plan.

Why are some spaces so positive and others the complete opposite ?Why do some spaces evolve from light into dark and insecurity?

Today the answer is in my headspace and something I need to dwell a little further on – that’s the internal space I have found to offer clarity.Time.



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