Thoughts in context …

Sleepless nights and early mornings do a lot to our minds. My conundrum is whether to view the status as positive , evolutionary or downright the wrong space to be conjuring up ideas.

As the sun rises and the quiet ebb and flow descends upon the day , to mitigate any frantic thoughts that may have bombarded the darkness .A disruptive night , people delivered and people arrive and i note a gentle crescendo in my innate ability to deal with the daily  grind.The bump , the shake , the spoken word and the gentle voice all seem to drive a stake into my daily outlook as i begin to believe in a sombre return to an intereuppted dreamland may be a far better cry.

Take the day in parts , begin from a long enduring focus on gratitude to begin to understand how all of this fits together.Breathe.

I am now in the moment of breathing and scripting my process to understand how the complex human spirit can view , review , enter into dialogue , raise the emotional bar and then with concise efficicacy simmer down to a tolerable pace that we are again able to manage.

Does engaging with people offer an outlet ?Do people incite further turbulence that could have been avoided?I guess my answer lies in defining my own or your own personality type . Understanding how our emotional intelligence offers the ability to deal with or fall apart when subjected to external influences that direct the flow of our day.

We all begin on a similar footing but what differentiates the voice that manages under duress in what ever form and the voice the retaliates or crumbles in the face of adversity.






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