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Thoughts in context …

Sleepless nights and early mornings do a lot to our minds. My conundrum is whether to view the status as positive , evolutionary or downright the wrong space to be conjuring up ideas.

As the sun rises and the quiet ebb and flow descends upon the day , to mitigate any frantic thoughts that may have bombarded the darkness .A disruptive night , people delivered and people arrive and i note a gentle crescendo in my innate ability to deal with the daily  grind.The bump , the shake , the spoken word and the gentle voice all seem to drive a stake into my daily outlook as i begin to believe in a sombre return to an intereuppted dreamland may be a far better cry.

Take the day in parts , begin from a long enduring focus on gratitude to begin to understand how all of this fits together.Breathe.

I am now in the moment of breathing and scripting my process to understand how the complex human spirit can view , review , enter into dialogue , raise the emotional bar and then with concise efficicacy simmer down to a tolerable pace that we are again able to manage.

Does engaging with people offer an outlet ?Do people incite further turbulence that could have been avoided?I guess my answer lies in defining my own or your own personality type . Understanding how our emotional intelligence offers the ability to deal with or fall apart when subjected to external influences that direct the flow of our day.

We all begin on a similar footing but what differentiates the voice that manages under duress in what ever form and the voice the retaliates or crumbles in the face of adversity.





Call me Monday!

Poignant or Political Рthe fires , the rain , the wind. Lightning , thunder and an amazing force of volunteers and on the ground ordinary citizens , have exposed so many insights into the intricacies of who we are , and  what we should be aspiring to as a nation. Communities of all races , colors and creeds grappling for identity , blurring the boundaries of separation to save each other and possibly cradling the hope,  that we may have again have defined a cause worth fighting for Рhuman dignity.

If only disaster was not the only conduit to excite the innate human ability to serve unashamedly, unencumbered by political nuances ,  without the need to be hailed and lauded for the work we do and energy we expend to bring about positive change.

I am drawn to commentary this week i found on a friends social media page , ¬†where the discussion around leaders ¬†– who rule , and leaders – who serve , was raised.I flew straight into delivering my own perspective (albeit with reservation and obvious naivety ) , positioning my argument from my limited political understanding . Then came an ¬†internet glitch , promptly deleting my concerted effort to deliver “my point of view ” – thankfully. I rallied around the concept of ¬†– cause , ¬†and have been mulling over the nature of , “why we do the things we do?”. How do we draw on compassion to ignite a fire in our souls , that affords us the ability to stand in front of a raging fire or torrential downpour ¬†– ¬†where ones only objective is the lives of those around us – most or all of whom we will never meet? Opening our homes and ¬†hearts ¬†to those who have lost everything through natural disaster .I sit watching communities coming together to define themselves within our intricate and evolving constitution , where voices are raised for human dignity , safety , land and basic services.

Where does politics stand in all of this ?Delivery Рthe fulcrum which allows the haves and have-nots to define the political landscape and create a base for all to begin a long journey toward inclusiveness  .How far we seem from this ideal!!

Politics taints the very cornerstone of human dignity . Our cause is lost to the individual aspirations that our so called leaders purport to be champions of . Shall we forever be relegated to the viewing class – who sit and watch the ebb and flow of a system that we have little or no ability to influence?Whether sitting in a warm home during raging storms or a burnt out informal dwelling ravaged by fire – human nature seems to ignite hope in a select group of individuals whose ties that bind are cast away , who stand up to the ideal of inclusiveness , fight a raging fire and rebuild a home in a waterlogged community.These are our true leaders.

I have a renewed hope that from the waterlogged streets , the embers , the ash , the broken down homes  ; we will begin to hold ourselves (NOT our leaders) responsible for the role we play in creating an inclusive society.No one will stand and deliver ,  if we are spectators from our designated vantage point.Our individual voices , our abilities , our many talents  , will define the future of this generation and lay a renewed foundation in a  struggling political landscape that seems less interested in us , our communities and human dignity.

Lets challenge ourselves to redefine our cause , align our aspiration of inclusiveness and offer our talents to deliver hope.

Call me Monday – may each week begin with gratitude and hope.We have a long journey ahead of us , may we be united by our actions , our thoughts and aspirations toward inclusive human dignity for all.


Today its clear , no wind and cool …spring officially tomorrow , Venus and Jupiter dancing but all is chaotic.

Cardio has me feeling as though silence is ushering in a new phase ,  or turning point in the journey and I continue reflecting on a factor of 7 to gauge where I am at.The thing is Р in synchronicity we are never at the same phase or point in time as our significant other .Cycles are the unknown entity filled with hope that we find order in the chaos to energize , inspire and be inspired.

Often the sum of all the influences amounts to a sense of overwhelming anxiety , for some insecurity and others the desire to run and hide. Personally I hide and often leave behind a cavern of unanswered questions that I have internalized, overcome ( I believe) and in this process I regain my stature to face what life and the universal plan has to offer. Never dwelling too long  , ultimately finding a positive space to re-create.

Pain in suffering is something I can relate to . I do not verbalize effectively , emotional security is something I have found to be a reflective space to build the emotional intelligence needed to confront and face adversity.

So where do I sit in the spectrum of trust, integrity and respect . My perception versus that of those with whom I share the intimate space the universe offers. Are we a reflection of others perceptions or do we hold our own to acknowledge our weakness and shortcomings to grow and evolve in this space we are allowed to embrace as the universal plan.

Why are some spaces so positive and others the complete opposite ?Why do some spaces evolve from light into dark and insecurity?

Today the answer is in my headspace and something I need to dwell a little further on – that’s the internal space I have found to offer clarity.Time.


Oneness of being 

It is NOT the task of Men to become more Masculine

or more Godlike

or for Women

to become more Feminine

or find their Goddess Self.

That is the Old Paradigm.

It is for us all

to awaken Both

inside each and everyone of us.

Not as an androgyne…

a weak distillation of both

but as a deeply strong

deeply powerful

and fiercely lovingly 

fully integrated whole.

It is the inner marriage

of both

that will raise both poles

to greatness

and as we do

our co-dependant structures

inherited from an outwardly dependent world,

simply fall away.

From deep inner connection

we call to us then

a Oneness of Being

that brings a Bliss

and deep love

leading to such compassion…

such deep love…

Pete Wilson

Evolution or revolution 

Starting with sunshine after calling the morning ….


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